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12 Apr, 2013 | Category: Welcome | Author: Wise Decisions Management

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This is the official website for Wise Decisions Business Solutions, created to uplift and strenghten the dynamics of your welfare. Firstly, we have created this website to service you better, thus if you grow stronger, then we'll grow stronger together - Gurshon Matroos.

We feel extremely happy in welcoming you and your business to our community website. Hope you will have an amazing time with all of us.

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What do we provide?

12 Apr, 2013 | Category: Our services | Author: Wise Decisions Management

Wise Decisions Business Solutions resides in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa.

Our goal is to streamline the business processes and ensure that an entity remains compliant with the applicable laws and regulations, which is governed by the Companies Act, etc. professional services.

We will aim to simplify your business and we offer professional services like; Example right-aligned image

• Bookkeeping (daily/monthly/annually)
• Management Reports
• Annual Financial Statements

• Calculation/Review/Preparation of Payslips/IRP5's
• Completion/Submission/Review of PAYE/SDL/UIF returns (EMP201)

• Calculation of Taxation Liability
• Completion/Submission of Income Tax Returns
• Completion/Submission/Review of VAT Returns (VAT201)
• Completion/Submission of Provisional Tax Returns
• Registrations for Income Tax/Provisional Tax/VAT/PAYE/SDL/UIF
• Handling Assessments, Objections, Queries and Payments

Statutory Services
• Accounting Officer of Close Corporations
• Registration of New Companies
• Company Name Reservations/Amendments
• Submitting Annual Returns for Close Corporations & Companies
• Registration to Workers' Compensation Fund

Any other services you might require rendered to Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships, Trusts, Close Corporations or Companies.

Therefore, we strive to be the driving force behind the business owner to ensure the all the paperwork is managed by WDBS, whereby you will manage your business more effective and efficient.

Download a pricelist that entails the various services we provide to individuals and business.

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Note: For more information on how to advertise on this website, then simply contact us via email at information or via telephony on +27 21 836 5820.

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