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12 Apr, 2013 | Category: Welcome | Author: Wise Decisions Management

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This is the official website for Wise Decisions Business Solutions, created to uplift and strenghten the dynamics of your welfare. Firstly, we have created this website to service you better, thus if you grow stronger, then we'll grow stronger together - Gurshon Matroos.

We feel extremely happy in welcoming you and your business to our community website. Hope you will have an amazing time with all of us.

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All about us

12 Apr, 2013 | Category: Our purpose | Author: Wise Decisions Management

What we stand for. Wise Decisions Business Solutions, has been serving in the surrounding areas of Cape Town since 2010. We take pride in knowing we are affiliated with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) and registered as a SARS Tax Practitioner that will be available to meet your tax, payroll and accounting needs.

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Who we serve. Our clients range from small to mid-size businesses and service professionals, start-up and new businesses, to corporations/companies, individuals and families. At Wise Decisions Business Solutions, we look beyond the numbers to understand, listen effectively and provide advice and direction unique to each client.

Integrity - Adherence to moral principles; honesty
Quality - A high degree of excellence provided from staff
Transparency - The quality of being clear and transparent

We have an unwavering ethical belief that our clients come first.  We strive to provide our clients a high degree of excellence and knowledge in a timely manner.  We stand behind our work with the reliability you should expect from an upcoming Accountants firm.

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What do we stand for?

12 Apr, 2013 | Category: About us | Author: Wise Decisions Management

Our Vision

To be the leading-edge provider to the entrepreneur/business-owner and to ensure business continuity through providing cost-saving factors, quality service and support.

Our Mission

Through aggressive cost-cutting across all levels of our organization, we will pass our savings along to our customers and reinvest in our organisation as necessary to promote growth.

Our Values

Our Culture

We familiarize ourselves with a constructive culture in which members are encouraged to interact with people and approach tasks in ways that help them meet their higher-order satisfaction needs.

To achieve our objectives, we have applied the following;

With reference to Robert A. Cooke, PhD - Constructive norms are evident in environments where quality is valued over quantity, creativity is valued over conformity, cooperation is believed to lead to better results than competition, and effectiveness is judged at the system level rather than the component level. These types of cultural norms are consistent with (and supportive of) the objectives behind empowerment, total quality management, transformational leadership, continuous improvement, re-engineering, and learning organizations.

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About Gurshon Matroos

13 Apr, 2013 | Category: Management | Author: Wise Decisions Management


Gurshon founded the WDI group in 2010 on the principals of entrepreneurial work and balanced lifestyle. Upcoming Business owners are continuously faced with ever changing regulatory requirements governed by various laws i.e. Companies, Income Tax, Small Business, etc. and other regulatory paperwork. Example right-aligned image

The aims of the WDI group is to help business owners, making them aware of various challenges and to bring relief on time management that would assist them to recognize areas between managing a business and managing their time is a foundation for that balance.

Our aim is to set high standards that would ensure our clients are able to make of every business venture a success through forming a business portal whereby various characteristic such as leadership, excellence, professionalism, commitment and other important traits are met.


Before Gurshon entered the accounting profession, he operated his father’s Tyre Fitment Centre (from Sales to Tyre Fitter), while attending school. Entry into the tertiary field studying as a number-cruncher, he also completed a BTech degree in Cost and Management Accounting. Articles as a Trainee Accountant was completed at LDP, Stellenbosch in February 2010, hereafter in May 2010 he passed the Professional Exams with the South African Institute of Professional Accountant “SAIPA”, and is a Registered Professional Accountant (SA) and SARS Tax Practitioner ever since qualifying.

Prior to becoming a member of SAIPA and thereafter, Gurshon worked in various sectors in the private sector i.e. financial, information technology, customer services, manufacturing, production, municipality, etc. His combined career paths offer business owners a diverse level of experience and perspective. Gurshon provide assistance and advice to upcoming and existing small to medium businesses, to become profitable and successful.

He has expertise in a wide variety of sectors that range from Construction, Manufacturing, Production, Real Estate, Non Profit Organisations, Medical- Dental, Farming, etc.

Software knowledge

Greatsoft, TaxSA, Knowledge Tree, Caseware Working Papers, Pastel Accounting (Partner, Express and Evolution), CQS Secware, CQS Taxware, Lotus 123, MS Office Suite and Visio, Microsoft Windows Server 2000, Oracle Financials & Applications Desktop Integrator, Eskom - Inhouse system, Corona FTMS, Microsoft Great Plains Dynamics Version 7x/8 (Cash Book Management, Purchasing, Creditors Recon), Crystal Reports Enterprise, Windeed

Outside Office

Gurshon enjoys the indoor lifestyle includes spending time with family to do extramural activities and outdoor lifestyle includes hiking, river rafting, quad-biking.


Baccalaureus Technologiae (BTech) – Cost and Management Accounting
National Diploma - Cost and Management Accounting
Continuing Education requirements – South African Institute of Professional Accountants


Master Currency Foreign Exchange (Bidvest Bank)
- Merit Award for Exceptional Performance for 2005 and 2006
- 5 Yrs Long service

LDP Inc. (Loubser Du Plessis Incorporated, Stellenbosch)
- SAIPA Male Clerk for the year 2009

Professional Affiliations

South African Institute of Professional Accountants, 2010 – present

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Note: For more information on how to advertise on this website, then simply contact us via email at information or via telephony on +27 21 836 5820.

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